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Space Renters

Please show consideration for the entire Studio space both outside and inside including the patio furniture and plants and the inside mirrors, walls, doors, bulletin board, bathroom, plants, speakers, wires etc. 

You are ultimately responsible for what happens during your Class/ Event. 


You have the discretion to remove anyone from the Studio for displaying any behavior that is disruptive or inappropriate.

We ask that shoes be removed upon entering. Please ask that people attending your Class/Event use the cubbies for their shoes.

​Do not affix anything to the doors, windows, or walls without the studio owner's approval.

​Do not drag tables, chairs, or any kind of equipment across the dance floor.

Water and tea is the only beverages allowed in the space.


No food of any kind is not permitted in the studio.

Food/beverage for special events is allowed upon the consent of the studio owner and will require an extra, refundable security deposit due to extra cleaning.​

Animals, with the exception of working service dogs assisting persons with disabilities, are not allowed in the building.

Sun Moon is an alcohol and drug-free space.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building.

​Fire is not allowed in the studio. Contained candles are allowed.

Smudge ash is to be disposed of outside on the Earth and covered for safety reason. Ash is not to be emptied into the trash.

Please remove your own trash (if excessive) and replace with the appropriate bags from behind the curtain in the bathroom .

Sweep, Dust Mop and Swiffer (wet Swiffer if possible) the floors after your class/event.  Use the small vacuum found in the bathroom to suck up all dust and/ or use the dust pan to collect dirt and place outside or in the trash can. 

Close the curtain in the bathroom after your Class/Event. 

Notify Management of any issues with pests including ants etc. 

Do not eat food or use items behind the curtain in the bathroom, that is not yours. 

​Parking is first-come, first-serve basis.

Overflow parking available.

We also encourage carpooling.

If you have any questions regarding the clean up of the studio or matters regarding sacredness or safety protocols, please ask management. 

Month to Month Renters will be featured on our website with a Bio and Headshot. 


Month to Month Renters must give a 30 day notice in writing once submitting a contract for Ongoing Classes. 

Studio Set Up

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Studio Set Up

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