Special Events

 Sun Moon Studio aspires to offer a loving, healing, and nurturing community, where all aspects of the space are managed in high integrity and in alignment with our mission. All teachers are independent practitioners. We offer classes and events for the mind, body, and spirit.


December 10th

Time: 12-1pm

Lets ignite our wild energy with the fun sexy dance style of twerk. We will embody & move vital energy through our bodies sending confidence, love, sexiness and playfulness through our entire system! This is a beginner level twerk class with high cardio. I will introduce and teach 4-5 different styles of twerk, hold time for practicing through repetitive movement (the workout really comes here) and then at the end we will be putting them all together for a wild sexy fun flow. My hope for the class is for you to leave with high levels of laughter and joy, embodying higher levels of confidence, and feeling more alive! 


Yoga pants can sometimes limit the amount of movement we want, I encourage you to wear bottoms that allow your bum to jiggle! Booty Shorts are welcomed ! It's about your level of comfort.  Hope to see you soon <3


Cost $20

Zelle - MelissaWildeholism@gmail.com

CashApp - $melissawildeholism

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Wednesday, December 14th
Brave Space 12pm-3pm

Value $65
Contact Jam 8-10pm

Value $35

BraveSpace:  The Joy of Connection  3hrs

BraveSpace is a somatic container generated through conscious movement, dance, and connection.  In BraveSpace we create the conditions necessary to take the risk of being vulnerable, honoring both individual sovereignty and group consensus.  There is an incredible feeling of purpose and joy that comes from connecting with others, and great service that manifests in conscious devotion to a field larger than our selves.  Genuine generosity asks us to be able to reposition ourselves physically and socially to take care of our boundaries, to unwind our trauma patterns, to navigate our pain, and ideally to transmute it into pleasure.  Thankfully, our bodies know how to do this intrinsically when we give them permission to move and feel, particularly in the presence of others.  This workshop is structured to bring you deeper into the joy and physicality of wholeness and connection whether you are just beginning with ecstatic dance or have years of experience with contact improvisation and somatic practice.

Contact Jam: Pleasure Spine  2hrs

The nature of the spine is connection.  The spine connects the pelvis, ribs, and head with the potential for rooted, loving presence; a conduit for energy.  In dancing the spine offers sovereign pleasure, intimate resonance, and acrobatic play with others and space.  The spine also unavoidably tells our authentic truth.  In respect and admiration of this truth we will warm up with sensory awareness and movement flow to breathe life into spinal motion, unwind stuck patterns, and give you tools you can take directly into your dances.  We’ll make sure you know how to take care of yourself in the field with others.  Then, expect downtempo bass music and the permission to be whomever you authentically are in mutual respect.  

Values offered with a willingness to receive more or less.

Both Experiences together suggested $88

*Use Coupon code "10" to receive $10 off at check out.*

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Saturday, Feb 25th

Exchange $77

Accessing your Intuition through the Body" is a unique combination of somatic attunement through breath, movement, energy practices, toning, and free-writing.  Coupled with tantric breathwork, this is truly a transformational experience that allows participants to tap into a flow-state, bypass the logical mind, and directly access intuition through the felt senses of the body.  This is my own unique process called YotheraFlo (a limb of the Yother Method), that I use and continue to refine as it naturally develops in my own intuitive practice with myself and with clients.


About your facilitator:

Jessica Maitri is a mental health therapist, certified Yoga Therapist, Breathwork practitioner and intuitive energy healer.  She blends both eastern and western therapeutic approaches to embodied wellness. Her training in both western psychology and eastern embodiment practices inform her work with groups and individuals,  Jessica is the creator of the Yothera Method, a therapeutic modality used in both groups and individual work, that invites individuals deeply into the present moment, and re-writing their inner narrative, into a new story, from a grounded and embodied perspective. 

She is deeply passionate about being part of the integrative medical model, creating a bridge between traditional mental health and holistic health. Jessica's work invites participants to deepen their exploration of Self, dive deep into their body's innate wisdom, and strengthen their own intuition.


Darshan & Dialog Events 

w/ David Spero

All events below 7-8:30pm

Dec 10 &17. Jan 14.

January 20th 11:15-12:45pm
Jan 21st 11:30-3:30pm
Jan 22nd 1:30-5:30pm

David offers a Radiant, Kundalini-Activated and Bliss-Filled Spiritual Transmission of the Enlightened Condition. The event involves a group meditation/silence period as well as an
interactive dialogue with David. During this event, participants may receive a direct experience or transmission of the unique and powerful spiritual atmosphere generated by David, which is
radiated spontaneously: a unified fabric of Non-Dual Awareness, Devotional Love, and Kundalini-Shakti Enlivenment.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this special event.

This is a fragrance-free event.

Those who are sneezing, coughing or sick should not attend.

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Kindred Hearts Live Ecstatic Dance
Thursday December 15th

Time: 8pm - 10pm

Join Damiyr for a heart opening acoustic set followed by a live Kindred Hearts performance featuring John Dumas & Niko Light and finally ending the evening with an awesome DJ set by DJ Sorelle. 

By donation. All are welcomed! 

Mystic Rose Sedona 2023 JPEG.jpg

Osho Mystic Rose Meditation Group

July 16 – August 5, 2023 


3 hours every day for 21 days

10:30 AM -1:30 PM

In addition the following list of opportunities are included in the Osho Mystic Rose Meditation Group: 

60 minutes Kundalini Meditations 4x week in the late afternoons

Several Osho evening discourses

Silent night hike

Red Rock hikes


Four 60 minutes Dynamic Meditations are offered in the early morning during the third week of the process.

Also optionally some wonderful & nourishing opportunities are organized to sometimes eat together with the group to deepen the energetic connection and the community of all of us going through the same process. Individual and shared accommodations are available to book.

For more information  or to register, please contact us

Osho Mystic Rose Meditation Group & Facilitator Training together

$1880  (*Receive an early booking discount $120 if booked by April 1, 2023)

For those interested to understand the process in a deeper way and to learn about the physiological and psychological benefits, and to be empowered to lead these retreats, we recommend the Facilitator Training.

The 30 hours Osho Mystic Rose Facilitator Training takes place on 4 afternoons each week. The Facilitator Training is booked in addition to the group

Participants of the training will be receiving certification by the Osho Institute for Meditative Therapies to facilitate Osho Mystic Rose Groups.


*Pre-Meeting July 15, 2023 at 4:00PM

*Receive an early booking discount $120 if booked by April 1, 2023